Top Gear started in Shettleston in 1985 in a small rented unit. We soon outgrew this and built our present purpose built Rutherglen workshop in 1989.

What we do

In Rutherglen we have fitting facilities so we can do the transmission repair from start to finish if required. This is especially important with automatic transmissions as the problem isn’t always caused by the gearbox itself. We are able to do diagnostic checks to make sure that the fault is in the transmission before removing it.

We will tackle almost any transmission job including classic cars, competition cars, agricultural, industrial and commercial vehicles

Some gearboxes can be repaired without being removed from the car, in particular we are able to offer significant savings by fitting bearings to Honda transmissions in situ. Also most commercial axles can be repaired without being removed from the vehicle.

Our many years of experience have taught us how to reclaim worn parts, or manufacture our own parts when buying new isn’t an option. For example we were able to find someone to manufacture gears for an Alldays and Onions gearbox, there are only a handful of them in the world.

We are always happy to give out technical advice – phone, call in person or email. We promise to advise you of the most economical way to repair your transmission and are happy to carry out a repair rather than replacing the whole unit if possible.


Automatic transmission problems are often caused by electrical faults elsewhere on the car, for example a brake sensor.

We can check your diagnostic trouble codes and advise if a transmission repair is needed.

Check before spending money on a transmission repair you don’t need!


gearbox repairs in Glasgow since 1985

Motor Sport

We are interested in motor sport and do our best to help other enthusiasts.

Whatever your needs, whether it is fitting performance parts from Quaife or repairing your transmission.

Mark is usually found at Drumclog at the weekends

Classic Cars

We have extensive experience of sourcing hard to get parts for classic cars and will even advise on getting parts made locally when this isn’t possible. It is often possible to reclaim worn parts.

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